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How safe and effective are Plexus products?  See these questions answered in detail in the product reviews.

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Who is Plexus Worldwide? Are they trustworthy? How do they treat ambassadors? Are they financially stable?  Learn all this and more.

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Can you really make money with Plexus?  Dive into the many ways Plexus pays and how this compares to other companies.

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The Story Behind the Plexus Review

It all started with my sweet, sick wife. She was a happy kindergarten teacher whose health was taking a huge turn for the worse. Her near debilitating health issues led me to search for a solution. We tried many, many things to no avail. Special diets, physical therapy, doctors visits, supplements, etc., then Plexus came across our paths. 

Very skeptical, I researched and researched. I went far beyond the quality and safety of the products and began to research the effects on human physiology in more depth. I found that the Plexus products were accomplishing the exact things we set out to do with many of our previous attempts- regulating blood sugar (and thereby, hormones), improving gut health, and reducing inflammation.  

A growing body of research points to those key factors as the foundation for long-term good health. The more I began to research, the more I realized that Plexus had created a health system to accomplish this goal. My wife and I created this website to provide a comprehensive review of Plexus products, the company, and the business opportunity. 

We hope this website will be helpful as you research Plexus. If you have any questions along the way, please leave a comment and we will answer as soon as possible.  You can also contact us at

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